Welcome to Get Fit February!

Welcome to week 5! Our final episode of “Get Fit February” working on Agility with Aidan!
Thank you to Neal Hausch & Golf Fitness Plus for making our kids STRONGER so they can hit that ball LONGER! We hope you enjoyed watching our series “Get Fit February!”

Welcome to week 4! This week John Ramon works on agility with Golf Fitness Plus owner Neal Hausch.

Welcome to week 3! This week we’re with Neal Hausch & PGA Junior League Team members Raygan & Rylee!


Welcome to week 2! This week we’re joined by 2017 US Kids World Champion, Solomon Petrie!

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Starting next month, join us for “Get Fit February!”

We will be posting weekly Golf fitness videos with Neal Hausch, owner of Golf Fitness Plus in Akron.
Check out Neal’s facility online at www.golffitnessplus.com

We are going to make you STRONG so you can hit that ball LONG!!

Stay tuned…